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I am getting extreme deja vu with this piece

may do a bunch of snake drags

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Guy Sargent - What Lies Beneath the Surface, 2006-09

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omg, press play. wait for the beat to drop. 

this is just lovely

This was a pleasant surprise.

the sweetest and saddest ambient beat remix of anything ever

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Kite City - concept art for Guild Wars 2

Beautiful use of desaturation and color!

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okay wtnv fandom, show of hands, who else got emotional over steve carlsberg’s monologue?


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Album Art
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WTNV Live at the Bell House - “Condos” (Dec 18, 2013)

"Remember Us" - Gabriel Royal    *****Live Version*****

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Mercedes-Benz Concept Style Coupé Kinetic Lights 

Cool monster eyes.


Mercedes-Benz Concept Style Coupé Kinetic Lights 

Cool monster eyes.

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Hey!! GUYS!! I’m moving to NY with catuallie and guess who desperately needs extra funds! You guessed correctly, it’s this sad ass.

I will draw whatever you like as quickly as you like. I’ve recently been more known to draw SPN or WTNV related stuff - but I can do other fandoms as well; list anything. I’ll do it. I swear.

I also do 0.75 cent doodles!

In all seriousness, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you guys!

Please please email me at surpriselsie@gmail.com



Help out my best friend and art collaborator!

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Are you a member of the pharmacy profession and identify as LGBTQIA+?

Inbox me! I was googling any MOGII-inclusive pharmacy associations and didn’t really find any. Maybe we can network and discuss ways to make the profession more inclusive to all genders and sexualities?

A 45-minute speedpaint for Leo in exchange for buying me wings for dinner.  Thus ends the dinner commissions sadly, as I can’t go anymore due to working nights.

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